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Welcome to 🎅🏿The Biz-Mas Toy Drive🎅🏿, hosted by the Just a Friend Foundation! Help us bring smiles and spread joy to as many children this holiday season as possible. Together, we can make a difference and create lasting memories for these young hearts.

The Biz-Mas Toy Drive

At the Just a Friend Foundation, we believe that every child deserves a magical and memorable holiday season. By donating to The Biz-Mas Toy Drive, you can directly impact the lives of children who may not have the means to celebrate the holidays. Your contribution will bring warmth, happiness, and hope to these young souls.


Toy Collection

Our aim is to collect a diverse range of new toys suitable for children of all ages. From cuddly bears to board games and beyond, your donations will bring joy to kids from different backgrounds and interests.

Fundraising Target

Our goal is to raise enough money to also support additional community initiatives, such as providing warm meals and essential supplies to families during the holiday season.


Community Engagement

We invite you to join us in spreading joy by volunteering for gift distribution, participating in festive events, and creating memorable experiences for the children.

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