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Donate to Empower Talent and Creativity

Afrika Beatbox is on a mission to unite African nations through the universal language of beatboxing, and they need our support to make it happen!

They want our help to raise funds for essential equipment to ensure their upcoming event, the Inaugural Afrika Beatbox Battle is a roaring success!

Your contribution will directly empower young beatboxers from diverse backgrounds, providing them with a platform to showcase their incredible talents.

By supporting, you are helping build bridges between nations, fostering unity, and celebrating the beauty of African diversity.

The Afrika Beatbox Battle will be a vibrant celebration of our rich heritage, a testament to the power of music and rhythm in the culture.

Your generous donations will be allocated to


State-of-the-Art Audio Equipment 

To ensure the best sound quality for our performers.


Artist Transportation

Making it possible for beatboxers from across Africa to join us in Kampala.


Prizes for Winners

Encouraging and rewarding talent with exciting prizes.


Effective Marketing

Spreading the word far and wide to attract an audience that appreciates and supports the cause.


Seamless Event Production 

Ensuring every aspect of the Afrika Beatbox Battle runs smoothly.

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